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Locked out?

 We are just a phone call away
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15 min response time 24/7

Call or Text  816-694-0035
Kelly's Auto Unlocking, LLC
Emergency Locksmith Company 24/7

We are a Locally owned locksmith company with over 23 years of
experience that provides fast and friendly lock service. We
have been rated one of the best locksmith companies in Kansas City area

Whether you get locked out of your business,home or car, Kelly's Auto
Unlocking is the one to call for all of your lockout needs. 

Services we offer : residential/business re keying, residential/business lockouts,car unlocking,New lock install,small safe opening

We are Kansas City's #1 trusted Locksmith
All of our technicians are fully trained, licensed and reliable.
We are available to service Kansas City and all surrounding areas 24/7.

 All major credit cards are accepted.
$20 (Fixed) Service Fee 

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Locked Out Of Your House?


Locked Out Of Your Car?


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Kelly's Auto Unlocking,LLC

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